Eco-efficient condensing boiler

-- Minimum pollutant emissions.
- Low consumption and maximum cost amortizable short-term performance.
- Save over 20%.
- Very quiet.

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Avoid hiring intrusismos insecurities and reviewing Gas installation and Hermanos Cruañes devices. Safety and professionalism with over 25 years experience.

Our advantages

Maximum efficiency. maximum savings

We respect the environment.
Eco-efficient boilers with high energy efficiency allows you to save more than 20%. It also produces very few emissions.

Professionalism and experience

More than 25 years of experience at your side define us as a reference company in the area in this sector. We have qualified professionals so that whenever you tell us satisfied with our work done.


Company authorized by Cepsa Gas. Technical support and sales and installation of GPL Tangue Cepsa.


In addition, installation and maintenance of:

Our services

Heating, gas and air
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