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sale conditions

These conditions govern the operation and functioning of the service distance selling of Brothers Cruañes (hereinafter Brothers Cruañes) and shall complement the General Conditions of Use of the website Privacy Policy, legal notice and any other legal texts that are published in Also, it informs the user that these conditions have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 7/1998 on General Conditions of Contract, Royal Decree 1906/1999 by which the Telephone and Electronic Contracting with general conditions in development of article 5.3 of Law 7/1998 and Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws and how laws are applicable. Users who purchase products through admits having read these terms and expresses its full and unreserved commitment to each and every one of them.

The conditions here described may change at any time at the request of Brothers Cruañes, so these conditions are only valid for purchases made by the user at the time of reading the same. Therefore, Brothers Cruañes informs the user that will read the conditions for each purchase you make through

Finally, Cruañes Brothers shows that the users may access these terms at any time without having to buy a product through The user can store on your computer system and, where appropriate, obtain physical copy by printing. If you have any questions regarding these conditions you can contact us through the following email address or via the following telephone.


on the one hand, Brothers Cruañes (hereinafter Brothers Cruañes), CIF J-74009367 and registered office at Avenida Juan Carlos 1, 65 Bajo 03730 -. And address for notification purposes in the same direction registered in the Commercial Registry, Volume, Book, Page, Page number, registration

And, secondly, by the user, whose data are entered by him in the registration form for the purchase of any product of Brothers Cruañes prior acceptance of these conditions. 2. OBJECT OF THE CONTRACT

The contract is to regulate the Special Conditions of Contract of the products it sells Brothers Cruañes.

Access the information is completely free, while the product purchasing service is expensive, specifying at all times the current product prices, freight rates and tax charges.

Also, the User, prior to the completion of the purchase character, you can get a complete description of the product and its characteristics, which are also provided in the "Order Confirmation".


The products offered through will be available anywhere in the world, if the company decides to sell its products outside of our country

Also, the recruitment process will be conducted in Spanish and English in all cases if the user selects this option, Cruañes Brothers may provide for the possibility to carry out contracting the service in other specified languages.


The product procurement procedure is carried out through the website is carried out completely so e. The steps to carry out the contract are as follows:

Product selection:

The user must click on the product you are interested . The selected product will appear on an image of larger dimensions and the user will get a detailed record of the same, in which the characteristics shown, the sizes available according to international standards, product image from different perspectives, whether trade decides expand further product information, price, and possible promotions, offers or discounts which will be clearly and explicitly identified.

Just click on "BUY" for the product in question go to the "shopping basket". At the top right of the screen an icon of a shopping cart in which the amount of added products is reflected to said carriage, the user can click on the word "product" and check the products that are part of your car appear purchase and access the description of each product.

If you want the product in question is added to the "shopping basket", just click on that icon "add to cart" appearing page where all the products selected so far is indicated. If you want to remove select the Remove option and click "Update Cart" Also you will be able to continue shopping by clicking on "Continue Shopping" or proceed to the stage of actual recruitment, if you click on "Checkout". < br />

Data entry or registration phase

Second, once selected pressing the button "Checkout" is passed to the phase User Registration. At this point there are two ways of carrying it out

a) First, the New User Registration.

If registration .. as a new user the following personal data will be requested.

Last Name E-mail

chosen password and confirmation thereof < br /> In addition, the following contact information you seek User: Full postal address

Another contact address Phone

It gets in User knowledge that only the fields marked with an asterisk must be completed mandatory.

Also, in this registration form the user will be asked your express authorization for Brothers Cruañes can mail you electronic commercial information relating to products of the brand, conducting contests and sweepstakes Cruañes Brothers products, promotions and other advertising information. Without prejudice to the information communication concerning the processing of personal data of the User that is included in the registration form itself, the user who accesses the Privacy and Data Protection for more information about recommended.

b) and registered Users can enter their data username and password. Automatically contact information of the latest purchase will be charged to the system, the user must confirm the same or may, otherwise, modify or amend the information for the order you are doing.

Shipment data:

In the third stage of the procedure, and either having registered as having introduced new user or user name and password if already have an account it is indicated on the left side of the screen shipping address, corresponding to the completed in the previous section or the users that were already registered your last purchase had been made.

The user will have a section for comments and in any case may correct errors that have been committed to enter the information and edit, modify and delete any information relating to your personal data by accessing the "My Account".


The user must choose between different payment methods Cruañes Brothers offers, which are: card . credit or PayPal

If the user chooses the option of credit card, you must provide the following information:

holder name, type . card, card number and security code (CVV)

If the user chooses the option to PayPal, you must provide the following information:

< br /> Facts PayPal ID, if it is a registered user; or data required for payment (cardholder name, card type, card number).

summary purchase and payment authorization

Data Delivery and Shipping Method: Data on the type of delivery chosen delivery address chosen as the product of choice /> In this step the following data is displayed.

customer Personal observations: Observations made by the user in the section "Shipment data" relating to product delivery.
Breakdown of selected products, specifying type, price, taxes, Shipping and Transportation and Discounts
payment data. Data provided for payment

<. br /> If the user is satisfied with the purchase summary, you must click on the link "Checkout".

If the user does not want to conclude the contract and wants to end the process purchase, please do not place the order without prejudice that, if payment is authorized and formalize the contract, the user can exercise his right of withdrawal as well as those rights that the law confers on them.

The cancellation of the purchase process through the procedure established for that purpose, imply that all the information that so far the user has entered-through the various steps of the purchasing process and regarding the purchase determinada- delete Brothers so Cruañes not retain the data indicated. By contrast, Brothers Cruañes retain data User registration in order to allow the user to streamline their future purchasing processes, being sufficient that the user is identified through your username and password. The user may at any time modify your information, apply for discharge from service or exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. For more information, see the User that paragraph 14 of the present conditions is recommended


. There will be no Sibling Cruañes contract and in connection with any product until your order has been accepted by Brothers Cruañes (even if already had made the charge in the bank account provided by the User). If the request is not accepted and had already made a charge to the bank account provided by the User, the same amount will be refunded in full within a period of thirty days.

< br /> To order, follow the procedure of online purchase described in paragraph 4 of these terms and click "Checkout". After this, you receive an email acknowledging receipt of your order ("Order Confirmation"). The contract for the purchase of a product between Brothers and User Cruañes it will only be formed when the user receives the Order Confirmation.

In this regard, informs the user that all product orders that are made through are subject to the availability of data and, in this sense, if difficulties occur in their supply, or if no longer in stock, Brothers is Cruañes reserves the right to provide the user with information about substitute products of equal or superior quality and the User can order value. If you do not wish to order such substitute products we will reimburse any amount which the User may have been paid within 30 days at most.


Both sides Brothers User- Cruañes and expressly state that the fact electronically follow all the steps described in Section 4 for the buying process Cruañes Brothers products, it implies acceptance integrates and expresses these special conditions of contract, understood enough to hire.


The price of the products of Brothers Cruañes that the user can acquire through always be posted next to each product and are displayed in Euros. The price is the full price of the end product, including all applicable taxes under current legislation as well as the costs of shipping or any other that the User repercutiesen. In any case, it provides User Brothers Cruañes itemized price during the purchase process, allowing the user to know the exact amount of the product and the remaining items described above.

Also, Brothers Cruañes shows that Offers & Promotions that appear published in be conditional and limited to the product they advertise, the period of time established as well as the other conditions unilaterally Brothers Cruañes may establish. In any case, Brothers Cruañes indicate in a clear, visible way and expresses the above information so that the user can distinguish and understand the offer, promotion or discount.


The payment order that the user will choose when placing the order, from among the payment methods allowed by Brothers Cruañes. Users may choose to pay by credit card or by Paypal. Payments can be made with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, 4B, Red 6000 and Discover. The card with which payment is made must be owned by the user who has purchased the product Cruañes Brothers. In case the holder of the credit card and / or debit card and the user are different people, it is inexcusable requirement that the purchase is made by the cardholder. To this end, Cruañes Brothers is exonerated of any liability for the breach of this clause, not responding Brothers Cruañes purchase by a User with the card owned by a third party.

Payment through PayPal guarantees the confidentiality of the data card user. In the event of such a payment by credit card through PayPal from an account not registered in PayPal, the order will not be sent until it has verified the identity of the holder of the card that has been made that request. < br />

To this end, Cruañes Brothers is exonerated of all responsibility regarding the confidentiality and security of information and data provided by the User at the time of payment of their purchases through www. by credit card or debit card, to the extent that the treatment of such information and data is not exclusively under control Cruañes Brothers.


The delivery of the product in Spanish territory will depend on the system sent each store has established with various transportation agencies. Usually, the time can be estimated between 24 and 48 hours but sometimes, some products may exceed these estimates for various reasons such as assemblies, manufacturing or other similar factors that may overcome this time of shipping times. Brothers Cruañes informs the user that formalized the purchase means from the moment the user receives -in the email address indicated during the confirmation hire-Brothers Cruañes that the purchase was successful . The delivery time outside Spanish territory shall not exceed thirty (30) days if the store decides to sell its products abroad.

Brothers Cruañes deliver their products through the agency transport hired for this purpose. The product will be sent to the address you have provided the user exactly in the form filled in to make the purchase through Therefore, please check with the user prior to the execution of the purchase that you have entered your contact character. In this sense, Cruañes Brothers is exonerated of any responsibility in the event that the delivery of the product can not be executed or executed with delay inaccurate or incomplete the data, absence of user or Force Majeure. "Force majeure" will mean all those causes that could not be foreseen, or even foreseen they were inevitable, and which result in the breach of any of its obligations. Including, but not limited to, strikes, either of their own workers and tr

abajadores others, insurrections or riots, and rules dictated by any civil or military authority, natural catastrophes such as earthquakes , floods, lightning or fires, wars, lockouts or any other situation of force majeure.

User in any case fees will be charged for the transportation and delivery of the product recalls Upon receipt, although any transport charges and delivery arising from the acquisition of a product through will be indicated and, where appropriate, taken exclusively at the time of purchase through www.


The user may exercise his right of withdrawal-leaving void the contract between the Brothers Cruañes- user without having to justify its decision and without penalty of any kind. However, the user must bear the direct costs of returning the product purchased in the event that any. The return of products acquired through in Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and Portugal has no cost.

The user has a period of fourteen (14) days to exercise his right of withdrawal as from the moment he receives -in the designated address such effects-product purchased through

To exercise effectively his right of withdrawal is required that the user fill out the return form, which is accessible in the section "Returns and Exchanges" website. Therefore, the user is recommended that, prior to completing the return form character, read the information in that paragraph to exercise the right of withdrawal becomes effective.

< br /> The User must return the product purchased Brothers Cruañes in perfect condition, with grounds for refusing the right of withdrawal that the product has been used or damaged by the user. You should also return it following the instructions set forth in the section "Returns and Exchanges" of this website.

Exercised the right of withdrawal, the user will receive an e-mail confirming the acceptance (if the return is correct order) the return and Brothers Cruañes proceed to make the refund. Brothers-in Cruañes reimburse the user the same bank account through which the payment had been made on the product purchased through economic amount for which the user purchased the product and which is reflected in the " order confirmation ". Cruañes brothers made the money back as soon as possible and in any case within thirty (30) days from that Cruañes Brothers receives the document through which the user exercises his right of withdrawal.


In cases where the user, at the time of delivery is satisfied that the product does not conform to the provisions of the These conditions, you should contact Cruañes Brothers immediately by sending an email to the address with details of the product and its damage, or by calling the telephone number.
< br />
The User must return the product to the address listed in the first paragraph of these conditions, which is also reflected in the return form that can be accessed under "My Account" - "My Returns ".

Brothers Cruañes carefully examine the returned product and will notify the user to the address that he had provided for that purpose within a reasonable time, whether to return or replacement Product (if any). The refund or replacement product will be made as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days of the date that we send you an email confirming that comes the return or replacement of nonconforming items.

The amounts paid for products that are returned because of any fault or defect, where one exists, will be refunded in full as well as the costs incurred by the User to return it to us. The refund will be made on the same credit card that was used to pay for the purchase.

This excludes the rights recognized by law.


The information or communications we send to the User Brothers Cruañes be in writing. You agree that communications with Brothers Cruañes be electronic. For contractual purposes, the user consents to this electronic means of communication and you acknowledge that all contracts, notices, information and other communications that Cruañes Brothers send electronically comply with legal requirements to be written. Notifications that you send should preferably be carried out at the contact addresses published in the section "CONTACT" of


The user may submit Cruañes Brothers filed before their complaints and claims or request information about the products offered or contracted through the following channels:

Speaking by writing to the following address: Avenida Juan Carlos 1, 65 Bajo 03730 -
by calling the following number:
Sending an email to the following address:

Brothers Cruañes respond to the user as soon as possible and in any case within a maximum period of one month from the filing of the claim.


According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Data (Act) the user, as a contracting party acknowledges to be informed and consent that their personal data generated during the execution of the contractual relationship are necessarily in a file responsibility of Brothers Cruañes in order to carry out the management, development, implementation and control of the contractual relationship and mailing or electronic communication and documentation related to the relationship , phonebook and maintenance of historic trade relations. The data will be transferred to other third parties when legally authorized as financial auditors, competent bodies of the Administration for control reasons, registration and inspection.

Also, from the moment that the user perform a process of buying and validly formalize the contractual relationship with Brothers Cruañes, your personal data will be stored in a file for Cruañes Brothers (Brothers Cruañes) for the following purposes: to carry out management, development, implementation and control of the contractual relationship, management backorder, identify in its capacity as customer of Brothers Cruañes, delivery and personalization of documents linked to the business relationship, provide access by username and password to specific web area Registered users; address book and the proper economic, accounting and fiscal management; billing and management; development and management of the commercial relationship with customers and keeping records of commercial relations. Communication of data by the applicant to fulfill the tie

ne mandatory and under the contractual relationship data can be transferred to the following organizations above purposes: judges and courts, as If, when this is legally required to do so or arbitration tribunals consumption and consumer associations and users in case of dispute, banks, to collect the purchased product, Inland Revenue, for the fulfillment of tax obligations, and any other third parties who, under the rules set out, carry out the transfer is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the service and, in general, the purposes intended.

Also brothers Cruañes informs the interested that your data may be transferred to other third parties subcontract Cruañes Brothers to collaborate in the total or partial execution of the services provided.

The User agrees Brothers to inform Cruañes any variation of the data while the contract is in force so that said entity may proceed with the upgrade. Meanwhile otherwise Brothers Cruañes it is understood that the data provided by the user is accurate and current is not communicated.

On the other hand, if during the execution of the contract the user must supply personal data concerning other individuals, shall, prior to their inclusion, to inform such third parties of the contents in this communication and in any event, the purpose of the transfer. To this end, the communication of personal data to third parties is conditional upon the principle of necessity and proportionality and the reporting of current and accurate data, and requires in advance to inform and seek consent to such third parties to treat her unless there is a legal authorization to that effect.

Finally, it informs the user that, in the event that expressly authorized receiving mailings through the registration form, your data will be in order to give the email address that the User itself indicates, advertising and commercial information regarding products marketed Cruañes Brothers and information on promotions and contests organized Cruañes Brothers.

Under Article 21.2 and 22.1 of the LSSICE, the user is informed of his right to oppose the processing of their data for promotional purposes to receive commercial communications as well as their right to withdraw consent at any time given the effect by simply notifying your willingness to Brothers Cruañes

To do this, the user can direct their opposition by sending an email to the address:. info @ cruanesxabia. that is, with the subject "OPPOSITION LSSICE" as well as the right to revoke their consent requesting the floor of the reception of commercial communications by e-mail by sending an e-mail to:, with the subject " . LOW "

Also, Brothers Cruañes informs the user of the possibility to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to Hermanos Cruañes at the following address: Avenida Juan Carlos 1, 65 Bajo 03730 - or one that will replace and communicate in the General Data Protection Registry. To that end, the applicant must send written communication Brothers Cruañes request indicating the right or exercising with a copy of your ID or document legally valid proof of identity. The user can also exercise their rights by sending a photocopy of your ID on both sides of a document, or equivalently email

For more information, see our Privacy Policy.


These general conditions are governed by Spanish law.
< br />
The parties expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, subject to the resolution of any disputes arising under the Courts and Tribunals and, where appropriate, arbitration tribunals to that is attached Brothers Cruañes at the time of the dispute occur.

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