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savings energy

Systems for energy saving :

Solar energy

Solar energy allows us to save energy in heating and domestic hot water or mixed systems.

For pools have systems to extend the swimming season in which conducted a study according to their needs and consumption.

We collaborate with the WOLF systems and KAYSUN brands, among others.


Geothermal energy


Geothermal energy , aims to harness the thermal potential of our land .

Making perforations in the ground and buried , either horizontally or vertically, a series of sensors , thermal energy of the earth is used , obtaining dissipating heat in winter and heat in summer.

The geothermal heat pump to exchange with the crust of the earth , has a very high performance not depending on the outside temperature, which makes it a very efficient system , with high savings in energy consumption.


It given the technical requirements of this system is recommended for new construction and when high performance and greater energy savings required .


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